Wyeth candle & fragrance gift set

  Jason Linscott and I met last February at an event we were both working.  He is basically the man me and creator of 2550° Artisanal Candles.  We bicker like siblings but we share a common esthetic and need to do EVERYTHING by hand.  No matter how tedious and time consuming. The less profitable the better!  I've always wanted to have OLO candles but I really don't want to make them myself.  But, I insist on making all my products by hand.  What a dilemma!

  The problem was solved when Jason and I decided to join forces.  I love the smell of the ocean air and the forest combination I experience when hiking on the Oregon coast.  He loves to capture the essence and personality of people both real and imagined.  I've always thought it would be great to have a scented candle that compliments my perfume.  I don't want to smell like a candle but I want the two scents to work well in an environment with one another.  

 Our candle and fragrance collaboration is called Wyeth, named after a sailor that landed on the shores of Oregon many years ago.  The coast of the Pacific Northwest can sometimes appear untouched by man.  I've stood looking out at the endless tree covered cliffs and wondered what sailors must have thought when they experienced those sights and smells for the first time.  "Wyeth's ship was lured to shore by the rugged beauty and the promise of cliffs green with forests.  His first inhalation of the wet wood, moss and ocean fog of the Pacific Northwest assured him the long trip at sea had been well worth it"  The perfume captures the heavy mist blowing off the ocean combined with wet moss and wood from the trees ahead.  The candle carries you further into the forest.  The salty air is faint atop pine resin, damp undergrowth, endless trees and wild berry bushes.  



   Limited edition gift set includes 9ml PARFUM & 3oz SOY WAX CANDLE

   Retail $65

   Debuts this weekend at Portland Bazaar!


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