I'm all about the winter solstice.  It's my favorite time of year.  December is my birth month so it all makes sense, it's my time to shine!  That being said, I don't like to be cold.  I like winter fashion. I like snow, fire places and comfort food. I'm just not into the shivering and runny noses that come with the season.

  TOJI is based on the yuzu baths popular in Japan during the winter solstice.  These baths are supposed to help strengthen the body to ward off colds.  The relaxation is really what I'm craving though.  I want to go to Japan in December just to take a yuzu bath.  That is not practical right now so I  made TOJI so I could pretend!  A citrus similar to grapefruit, yuzu is floated in steaming hot tubs of water.  The hiba wood from the bath mats brings forth the wet warmth of cedar to intertwine with the brightness of the yuzu.  I tend to visualize scent and TOJI looks like liquid gold and soft brown mist winding around one another, like an intimate dance.  Main notes are yuzu, hiba and hinoki.

  TOJI will be available this Friday thru Sunday at Open for Business.  Portland stores will have Toji the following week.  This is a limited edition fragrance for now so it won't be available on the website.  I will decide whether it will join the line up based upon it's reception.  A free bottle of TOJI will be given away this weekend.  Twitter will offer up the info so stay alert.  Sorry out of town folks, this will be a live action giveaway.

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  1. Nina said...

    Hello – I am a big fan, and usually wear Nationale as my scent. I just bought Toji online from a shop – it’s wonderful, I love how the yuzu comes out after warming on your skin. I hope you add this to your regular line up.

  2. Dyani said...

    I really love Toji too – any thoughts on whether this will join the lineup?

  3. Leila said...

    I just received my sample pack in the mail and included was a complimentary sample of Toji. What an amazing scent! Like wrapping yourself in a thick, warm blanket. I love it. Thank you!

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