Changes for Fall


  It’s been forever since I’ve written anything on this blog.  I’ve had a ton of stuff going on so I’m just going to go through the list!

  New website.  Finally.  I’m not into computers so this was a painful process.  It has pictures and some words.  You are able to click buttons in order to send me money in exchange for perfume.  Websites get the job done.

  Tubes.  Your perfume now comes in tubes.  You take the perfume out of the tube and most likely throw the tube away. I’ve heard you can keep change in the tube.  That’s handy.

  New smells.  Cedar & Rose.  People have been asking me to make a cedar and rose perfume since way back when I released the argan oil hair tonic.  I’ve been working on it on and off but I felt like I kept making it too complex.  It always strayed too far from the popular hair concoction.  Customers honestly just wanted a perfume version of the hair tonic so that’s finally what I did!  Email me directly if you want a bottle because it probably won’t be on the website anytime soon.  If you live in Portland, the Cedar & Rose perfume can be found at Nationale, Palace and Beam & Anchor.  I will also be including samples with all online orders for the month of November.

  Collaborations.  OLO and 2550 Degrees Artisanal Candles will be releasing a candle/perfume gift set on November 25th at Open for Business. If you are not familiar with this line of candles you are missing out.  Black tea, a hand rolled cigarette and a mossy window sill, Clive is my dream candle.  They are exactly what I would try to make if I took on candle making. Jason Linscott and I met last February at an event and we are so the same! We set up next to each other for the day and have been playing smells ever since.  Our collaborative set will capture the moment you step out from the forest and catch the combination of the ocean and the trees mingling in the air.  It's one of my favorite things about the Oregon coast and I can't wait for this release!  We still haven't named it, sorry.

   Events.  I've managed to only commit to two events this holiday season.  I can't begin to express how proud I am of myself! I did way too many last year so boundaries have been set in 2012.  I am co-curating Open for Business again this year with Alison Hawley from Nice Work.  We started OFB last year on Black Friday as a way to kick off the shopping season.  Located at the Cleaners, with support from the Ace Hotel, Open for Business aims to showcase gift ideas from makers far and near. There will be a special item on sale from the Ace Hotel as well as their exclusive Pearl+ soaps.  I will launch my candle/perfume gift set as well as bringing DEUX room spray back!  Keep an eye on the OFB website to see who else will be participating.  Portland Bazaar is taking place again this December 8th and 9th and OLO Fragrance will be there too!

  OLO Headquarters.  The big leap has been made.  I've spent the last three years working from a tiny room in my home, dodging the threat of a hostile take over of my office by Britches and Hoover (my cats) and generally tripping all over myself.  I've taken over every closet and ruined every rug.  I actually really enjoy working from home but changes needed to be made in order to grow.  OLO is now located at the Towne Storage building on SE 3rd, next to the Burnside bridge.  Lovely neighbors include  Anja Verdugo, Keegan Meegan & Co, Yo Vintage and Summerland to name a few!  It's so luxurious to have a place for all my supplies, to be able to sit down and work without having to think about where I'm going to move things to make room.  Thank you all for supporting OLO and making it possible for this business to grow and thrive.  I'm so grateful to be able to do this full time and I really do appreciate all the kindness that's been show to me.



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