Marlow Goods

As most people are well aware, there is a portal that directly connects Portland, OR to Brooklyn, NY. They have a lot of similarities to be located so far from one another. I have tons of friends that move back and forth between the two places and I often run into people I haven't seen in years while walking around Williamsburg. I feel perfectly at home when visiting. I've also grown to love a few stores and restaurants over the years and I always make sure I pay a visit on my travels. Marlow & Sons became a favorite years ago and I always eat at Diner at least one time per trip.

Marlow Goods is my newest love. This latest incarnation of Marlow & Sons takes the commitment to serve only 100% grass-fed meat one step further. They have developed a whole animal program, creating quality, handcrafted goods from the animal hides they butcher in house. The leather bags are tanned from the hides of the pigs and cows served in the restaurant. Wool from some of the lambs and ewes is turned into yarn, sweaters, blankets and rugs. I'm getting the hand-loomed wool blanket if it's the last thing I do!

This little general store is located in the front of Marlow & Sons restaurant. If you find yourself in need of some OLO, it is situated on a little shelf amongst all of these other goodies. Marlow Goods is the only store on the East coast offering the OLO fragrance 100% pure essential oil line. Lavender, Peppermint and Port Orford Cedar are all sourced here in the PNW. These are the perfect oils to scent a bath or just inhale when fighting off a cold. Marlow Goods also stocks the Argan Oil Hair Tonic and a few perfumes if you need to get your apothecary on!

Go visit!

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