Old post, still entirely true.

Spring is here...Ah ha ha haha ha!

Almost every February/March here in Portland we receive what is referred to as the "Fake Out". It appears as if Spring has ambled it's way right around the corner. The sun is out, the skies are blue. Birds chirp and children play outside. The whitest people in the world frolic happily in public parks wearing next to nothing in terms of clothing. All the ennui of the rainy season is forgotten. Totally forgotten. We all know it's too good to be true but the collective optimism of Spring pushes us forward like a parade of innocents. We stumble bleary eyed from cozy coffee houses and sour smelling bars and bask in vitamin D. "Fake Out 2010" has been particularly cruel. Flowers had the audacity to bloom. The stamp of Spring. So very cruel. However, some good has come of this...Daphne. Daphne has been blooming all over my neighborhood and it is my mission to bottle it's essence. I am obsessed. As the rains fall upon us once again, I will hole up in my apartment and try to recreate "Fake out 2010". Wish me luck.


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