It's been a while but I'm finally releasing a new fragrance. This one has actually been ready for months but I've been too busy with other things to give it proper attention. Tulare will hit stores June 1st and the website soon after. Exciting!

This is my first collaborative scent with my husband, Jonathan Sielaff. I made Victory Wolf for him but Tulare is the first fragrance we've set out to make together. As OLO grows, he will play a larger role in the business. I have finally made the last steps in leaving my old career behind to focus on making perfume. Until now, OLO has been a side project so I'm excited for Jonathan to help me take the business to the next level. He has worked in tea and coffee for years so his sense of smell is already well developed. In some ways, much more developed than mine! We go on walks just to smell things. Weirdo's. So, welcome Jonathan to OLO!

Anyway, about Tulare. Jonathan lived in Tulare county California very briefly as a child. He has a particular memory of playing deep in the orange groves. He would be surrounded by the smell of warm earth, dry grass and sun baked oranges. There was always the faintest trace of jasmine wafting up the hill from the houses below. The sun would drift low in the horizon and all of these things combined smelled golden. When Jonathan thinks of California he thinks of this smell.

Instead of a monthly giveaway I am offering a free 1ml sample of Tulare with any online purchase from now until May 31st.


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