I took a little vacation to NYC a few weeks ago. I also got a little work done while I was there! Fans of OLO had given me the name of some boutiques to check out and I was more than happy to do so. It must be said that I do not like approaching stores to carry my line. I've done it a handful of times but it gives me such anxiety! I've been really lucky to have some great stores seek me out and it feels more natural given the type of carefully curated shops I prefer.

So, the day after I stopped into Catbird( I didn't talk to anyone), Leigh contacted me for samples and wholesale info. Catbird had been one of my favorite stores. How's that for meant to be? Such a happy coincidence. I sent samples, they liked and now you can get OLO at Catbird in Williamsburg!

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  1. chanstand said...

    the universe was working for you on that one…and yes, catbird is a lovely store, and they're lucky to carry your line. best of luck!Courtney

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