Cedar & Rose

 The new Cedar & Rose perfume is now in Portland stores.  It's on the way to Nashville and San Francisco this week and will premiere in LA next month.  Cedar & Rose will be a permanent fixture on the website starting in 2013.  Until then, customers are welcome to email me directly to purchase a bottle.  OLO will be including a free 1ml sample of Cedar & Rose with each online order through the end of November.  You also have the opportunity to win a 9ml bottle.  Check Reading My Tea Leaves for details. Thanks to all you persistent ladies that kept on me to make the hair tonic fragrance into a perfume.  I finally did it!

   I'm off to San Francisco so all OLO Fragrance orders placed the 24th-28th will ship Monday the 29th. Enjoy the week!




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  1. Maria said...

    Whenever Im in the presence of pine trees I am reminded of the wonderful place where my grandparents lived on a hill in the woods in a rural town in Mass. I miss it there but this time of year the crisp fall air swirled with the pines always brings me back!

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