Leisure Nomad now in Portland!

Leisure Nomad is currently available at Palace and Frances May in Portland, OR. I have a very limited supply of one of the ingredients so the scent maybe outta here sooner rather than later!

This fragrance has been in the works for quite some time. I knew exactly what I wanted Leisure Nomad to smell like and I set to work confident that it would be a pretty simple perfume. Not so. It ended up being nothing like what I started with! I intended to create a road trip through Oregon. A drive through the sage and lavender fields all the way to the tree lined coasts. Leisure Nomad was going to be a bright, dry floral that ended with a wet wood/ocean base. Eastern Oregon desert all the way to the Pacific ocean. I was never happy with the smell though. It just wasn't doing it for me. It fit the road trip in my head but not my idea of who a 'leisure nomad' is. It wasn't free enough for me. It was too accessible. I wanted something more rare. Something you don't come across every day. I put Leisure Nomad on indefinite hold.

Three months went by without even thinking about this perfume. I was looking for supplies online and I saw a mention of fire tree essential oil. I liked the description so I ordered some online. It's pricey but I had a feeling it would be good. I was right, I love fire tree so hard! It is sweet like juice, warm like wood. It smells like eating fruit in the front yard on a warm summer night. I got the idea to try it with my latest version of Leisure Nomad. It was exactly what I wanted. What seemed like a million versions (exaggeration) later I finally had it!

It's still a road trip perfume but I'm not sure where it goes. You still hop in the car and roll the windows down. Oranges roll around in the front seat, music blasting. You've got nowhere in particular to be so you just keep driving...all the way to Australia.

Leisure Nomad is available in 9ml rollerball bottles at Palace and Frances May for $45. Samples are sold out, sorry!

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  1. Marie Bee said...

    i'm so excited i got in on the samples! i'm a proud owner of violet/leather, and my husband just bought me nationale for mother's day. my old chanel is collecting dust in the bathroom :)

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