Victory Wolf Victory Wolf...

  Man, 2014 has not been kind to Victory Wolf.  Late winter offered up the loss of my favorite tobacco absolute, which opened up the possibility of discontinuing the fragrance.  Drama ensued. Customers panicked.  I panicked. Fortunately, I was able to rework the formula and all was well.  Or, so I thought.

  I have recently discovered that someone else has started to use the name Victory Wolf.  Judging from the information I have, they are well aware of my use of the name.  They've trademarked it and are very aggressive with the promotion of it thus far. It's disheartening to see someone so blatantly rip off such a random yet specific to me name.  Victory Wolf is a loose translation of my husband's last name, Sielaff: sigi 'victory' + wolf 'wolf'. I made this fragrance for him. We had the release party for Victory Wolf at Nationale on September 25, 2009.  It's been a popular fragrance sold in many stores in the US, Canada and Europe.  I never saw the name used before 2009 and it's been nothing more than some guy in Turkey's Myspace handle since then.  I'm bummed that some other business has dropped in on it. 

This brings me back to when I was in 8th grade at Randolph Junior High.  I grew up solidly middle class.  I was never hungry, had a nice home, never really wanted for anything.  But, I only got one or two name brand articles of clothing a year.  I had to beg for them.  It was 1989 and that's just how you did it then, name brand everything.  I had this Guess stonewashed denim jacket.  I got it for Christmas and I wore it everyday.  I loved it.  I somehow ripped the shoulder open.  A HUGE rip.  My mom didn't sew, I didn't have a patch anyway.  I needed to wear my Guess stonewashed denim jacket to school that day or I would be lame and never have friends and my world would be over, etc.  So, I used a shoe lace from my purple Converse high tops and laced that shit up.  It's the best solution my 13 yr old self could come up with.  I was embarrassed but I figured my back pack would cover it most of the time anyway.  When I got to school, a few people complimented my Guess stonewashed denim jacket with the shoelace going up the side.  It was a hit. They thought it looked cool.  I was pretty pleased with myself, mostly because something I made wasn't laughed out of homeroom.  I thought outside the box, made due with what I had and it worked out.  Within a week a few girls had ripped their jackets and laced them back up with shoelaces.  I remember being annoyed not so much because they copied me but because they had multiple intact Guess jackets and didn't need to do it!  Before long, kids at school just thought Guess made stonewashed denim jackets with a shoelace going up the side.  I got no credit for my innovation and we moved on to other trends the next year anyway.  Victory Wolf will probably end up being my Guess stonewashed denim jacket.

  This is basically just an emo blog post to OLO customers and friends.  I've been incredibly lucky with this business so far.  This was a hobby that turned into a career that is so fulfilling.  I get so many kind words and support on the daily.  I appreciate it all.  This is now a profitable business that supports both me and my husband.  Jonathan is now a partner in OLO and we are excited about upcoming projects planned for 2015.  I have just rolled with what came at me for the last five years but it's been made clear to me that I have to be more assertive with this as a business.  I apologize for all the hashtags and promotions and images that are about to hit the internet all hard in the name of OLO Fragrance. 

  In order to keep Victory Wold associated with OLO for as long as possible we will be doing a giveaway.  Post any image of Victory Wolf on Instagram and tag it #victorywolf #victorywolf2009. It can be a picture of your personal bottle of Victory Wolf, an inspiration shot or the store you bought it in.  We will giveaway one bottle a day from today Saturday, November 22nd thru Saturday, November 29th. 

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Come Party with AK Vintage at MML!


Anna Korte has been working on a beautiful string painting to show at Milk Milk Lemonade, the storefront of OLO Fragrance.  We are so excited to welcome you all into our space to see Anna's newest piece along with the Temple Collection from the AK Vintage line.  We had the chance to stop by her studio and see a bit of her process.  So amazing!

Stop by and see art, objects, jewelry.  Smell things.  Eat delicious treats.  Talk to people.  Have fun.


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TENOVERSIX + OLO = bottled magic


I'm excited to announce the release of the new fragrance OLO created for TENOVERSIX.  It is notes of sage, incense and amber and I've been wearing it exclusively all month.  This is my new favorite OLO blend.

One of my first "adult" flirtations with wearing fragrance that didn't involve a drug store and the color pink was when I found myself in a head shop for the first time. I believe it was called Infinity's End.  I was fifteen and my friend had her driver's license so we could go anywhere we wanted. Without our parents. The forbidden head shop was our first outing. I remember feeling so giddy walking into a store like that.  So much MAGIK!  I bought a ying yang symbol ring, a tie dyed t shirt, Nag Champa incense and some Egyptian musk perfume.  It was all so exotic to me. 

Naturally, my tastes have evolved since then.  I still love amber, frankincense and myrrh but I'm pretty particular about the quality these days.  When Kristen and I were throwing around ideas for the TENOVERSIX custom fragrance I originally was going for a more lavender and sage, coastal bonfire vibe.  Something kept pulling me back to resinous incense, a more glowing ember ritualistic feel. I wanted this fragrance to be a reflection of that youthful quest for more meaning and connection to the mind, body and spirit.  I feel like TENOVERSIX brings together the playfulness of youth and the sophistication that comes when you know who you are as a person and have the confidence to present yourself with honesty.  An elevation of self and spirit was what I kept seeing in the images Kristen sent me for inspiration so I just went for it and gave myself up to my intuition when making this blend.  I had worked on it for months and just couldn't get it right.  I kept resisting the urge to put in nag champa, just a hint. I eventually had one of my uninhibited moments in blending where I just stopped thinking so hard and put in everything I wanted whether I thought they would work or not.  That ended up being my favorite version and luckily it was Kristen's as well!


TENOVERSIX fragrance blend is bottled magic. It captures the ritual of lighting incense, the glowing ember and finally, the smoke rising along with it the elevation of spirit and self.

Notes of sage, incense and amber


We will be at TENOVERSIX Thursday, October 23rd to celebrate the release of this new collaborative fragrance.  Details about the event coming soon!




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Milk Milk Lemonade/OLO Fragrance


Back in February, I was walking to the post office (like I do) and came across a storefront for rent. I was casually looking for a new workspace so I called the number, left a message and went on my merry way.  I received a call back from the building owner a few days later.  It took me a moment to remember that I had called inquiring about a commercial space but it came back to me! I happened to be in the neighborhood so I stopped in to check it out.  The space was affordable and in a great location so I pretty much took it on the spot.  I had zero plans of opening a store but it seemed like such a good idea at that moment!  The next step involved going home and telling my husband what I had done along with serious discussions about Jonathan leaving a very secure, well paying job to come work with me at OLO.  I plan was formed, notice given and we set about planning Milk Milk Lemonade.


So, why did we name the OLO Fragrance studio Milk Milk Lemonade?  What does it mean?  I was under the impression that everyone knew the dirty playground song "milk, milk, lemonade...around the corner fudge is made".  This little ditty was chanted while pointing to newly budding parts of the human body.  It was one of the ultimate acts of rebellion when I was 8 years old. I have discovered a lot of people weren't as foul mouthed as I was as a child!  Most people just think Milk Milk Lemonade is some random twee name, they've never heard the song.  The folks that do remember the song give a sly grin and at least one person has busted out with the last line of the song, the one that only the sixth graders knew back in the day.  I will not write it here but I will tell you if you ever visit the shop.  Anyway, this little song has been stuck in my head for years.  Along with classics like the Smurf theme song and Private Dancer by Tina Turner.  One day I was singing it again and joked that we should just name the store Milk Milk Lemonade.  We did. 


Milk Milk Lemonade is located at 1407 SE Belmont St, Portland 97214. The focus of MML will be OLO Fragrance.  It is primarily our work space. We will be introducing new OLO products to be sold in house only. The store is almost ready to open, we are just waiting on a few pieces to be delivered. We will keep irregular hours that meet our needs for now. Our strange hours will be posted daily on Twitter.  However, if you are walking by and see us in there please feel free to come in!  We will have set hours during the holidays. The website will be up soon but our Instagram and Twitter accounts are up and running.

The items offered in the MML store along with OLO Fragrances will be an assortment of some of our favorite items, lines like Dream Collective, Better Late Than Never, Hazel Cox, Erica Weiner, No. Studio, Morihata and others.




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Victory Wolf 2009-2014

 SOLD OUT.  New version releases in June.

Please read this post while playing "Wind Beneath My Wings"  quietly in the background.

 Victory Wolf was my second OLO Fragrance.  I made it way back when this was still a hobby and I wasn't even trying to do anything other than pay for my supplies.  It is with great sadness that I announce that Victory Wolf, as we know and love it, will be no more.  One of the ingredients is no longer available.  There was little notice so I'm down to the last batch.  There are about 50 bottles left on the website and whatever inventory available in stores.  I will remove Victory Wolf from the site once it is sold out. 

I have outlined the five stages of grief for you below.

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

I am currently between numbers 4 and 5.  I am still depressed but have accepted the situation. 

  There is hope.  I have reworked the Victory Wolf formula.  It is different.  It will never, ever be the same.  Some people will notice the difference and like the new version better.  Some will hate it and curse my name for daring to try to pass this off as anything like Victory Wolf.  I will release this new version in a few months, after we have all had time to heal. I may keep the name, I may release it under a different name.  Time will tell.

  At this time I would like you to turn up the volume to "Wind Beneath My Wings" and scream cry into your pillow.








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"I want to do something different.  You are just going to have to trust me"

I still remember those words.  Kimmy had just watched Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard and French New Wave was fresh in her mind.  She had a plan for me. I walked out that day with a pixie cut.  I had never cut my hair that short and I had no idea how empowering it would be.  My life at that time was a tapestry of conflict and this drastic change was the elixir I needed to power through.  Discarded was my idea of myself and what made me attractive or feminine.  It felt like stripping down to my core, the true essence of me.  Any time I think of Kimmy I think of that haircut and what kind of skill and perception it takes to create that kind of physical change in a person.

When asked to do a fragrance for WINDOWWALL I reflected on that day, on what inspired us at that time and how I surrendered myself to Kimmy's vision.  D'or is my interpretation of that moment in time.  D'or translates to "golden" or "of gold".  Gold is a soft, malleable metal.  It can be hammered and shaped so thinly that sheets of gold may appear greenish blue. This fact made me realize how each of us can manipulate our appearance, changing how we are perceived by others and in turn, changing how we perceive ourselves. We are all golden.  Absinthe always fills me with warm light when I drink it. It offers a physical release in the body while maintaining lucidity of the mind. It is bitter sweet in scent, a reflection of life. I always think of Paris when I think of Kimmy and I always think of absinthe when I think of all came full circle to create D'or.

The main notes of D'or: bergamot mint, lavender, fennel, anise, wormwood, myrtle, cypress, labdanum, balsam

This is a custom scent so it will only be available at WINDOWWALL. Launch date is Saturday 3/15/14.





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  This collaboration between OLO Fragrance and Bridge & Burn started in earnest when we shared a booth at Portland Bazaar two years ago. This is when I convinced Erik that Victory Wolf and Erastus would change his life for the better.  He trusted me, traded an awesome coat for the two scents and a mutual appreciation for each others work was born.

  Both brands draw inspiration from the Pacific Northwest.  We live in a small city but the abundance of unmarred nature surrounding us can't be ignored.  Who would want to? It's so easy to head out of the city limits in any direction and find yourself in a lush forest or standing knee deep in a lavender field. With OLO, I try to bottle those elements of nature and bring them back to the city with me.  Bridge & Burn creates clothing that allows you to stay in town for the day or take a quick hike in effortless style and comfort. It's all about coexisting with our surroundings instead of fighting them. 

  Black Lodge is meant to be like the fastest day trip ever! It starts off with the dry, slightly fruity undertones of bitter orange, unfurling into the sweet warmth of juniper berry and a herbaceous yet soft lavender.  Lavender various so much depending on location and season, I decided to blend seven different lavenders to get the scent I wanted for this fragrance.  The dry down opens up to bright, coniferous evergreen and birch and settles into a rich, resinous amber and labdanum. It's like spending the morning picking lavender in Hood River and the afternoon hiking Cape Lookout in the rain. What starts off as soft and dry ends up warm and animalic.

  There is also, of course, the Twin Peaks reference in the fragrance name. It had to come up eventually!  Many people have only seen the Pacific Northwest through the lens of that show.  It definitely put this place on my radar when I was young! Motor oil, cherry pie and coffee might not really wear well on the majority of people though so I opted to stick with physical elements we encounter on the regular. However, there is that duality of the White Lodge/Black Lodge present here.  The plateau and the temperate rainforests coexist as almost alternate realities of the same place.  This land is magic in the realest way I've ever experienced.

  Black Lodge is a unisex fragrance blend.

  Main notes: bitter orange*lavender*juniper berry* evergreen*birch*labdanum


Stop by Bridge & Burn this Thursday 12/5/13 at 5:30 for the release of BLACK LODGE.




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OLO & Pearl+ soap gift sets

  I'm happy to announce the release of one of my favorite collaborations of 2013. Pearl+ soap and OLO Fragrance have joined forces to release limited edition gift sets!

   TOJI is based on the yuzu baths popular in Japan during the winter solstice.  A citrus similar to grapefruit, yuzu is floated in steaming hot tubs of water.  The hiba wood from the bath mats brings forth the wet warmth of cedar to intertwine with the brightness of the yuzu.  I tend to visualize scent and TOJI looks like liquid gold and soft brown mist winding around one another, like an intimate dance.  Main notes are yuzu, hiba and hinoki.

  FORÊT NOIRE is a modified version of the original Forêt formula.  We wanted something a little more heavy, a bit mysterious.  It's still based on every forest I've ever walked through, I just added more moss notes to capture the essence of the forest floor after the rain. It feels a little misty, a little dark.  Perfect for winter. Main notes are cedar, fir and oak moss.

  These gift sets are limited edition so there will be no samples available.  If you want to smell them live, I will be selling at Black Magic and Portland Bazaar. They may also be purchased on the Pearl+ website.

  Each set contains an OLO Fragrance 5ml perfume and 2.5 oz Pearl+ Moisturizing Soap.


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SPARTAN fragrance debut

  It's done, it's done!!! We are launching Spartan next week in Austin. That's Texas. I'm going to Texas for the first time ever! Please join us for the fragrance launch party at Spartan next Wednesday, October 23rd from 5pm-8pm.  I will be there to talk about the new scent and free samples will be given to the first 20 folks in attendance.  Come see me!

  Spartan is inspired by the Texas landscape and the people that love it.  Austin is home to Spartan the store so it made sense to try to capture the essence of the place and people involved.  I've never been to Austin but store proprietress,  Currie Person, filled me in on her favorite smells from her hometown and surrounding areas.

There were a few notes I knew I had to include in this scent, things that I always think of when I think of Texas.  First off, tequilla!  Every Texan in my life knows their tequilla.  Therefore, the top notes of Spartan are tequilla, lime and cilantro. That sweetness mingles with notes of rhododendron, cactus flower and yellow rose. I wanted to capture the idea of the variety of landscapes of Texas.  The seemingly unforgiving desert and it's delicate cactus flowers combine with the oasis of humanity, the gardens of Austin.  As the scent settles, it dries down to sage, hay, Mexican linaloe, ponderosa pine and Ashe juniper (Texas cedar), all native plants of the area.  There is a hint of leather too.  It ain't Texas without boots!

  Spartan (the fragrance) is exclusive to the store for a few months so it may only be purchased at Spartan or on their website.  It may also be made available at their sister stores, Beam & Anchor and Voyager in coming months.





  P.S.  I will be traveling October 22nd-28th.  A friend will be living here, feeding my cats and filling OLO orders.  If I don't answer your email or fulfill your special requests it is not because I don't love you, I just need a break.  I'll be home soon.

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Palo Santo releases September 1st!

  Palo Santo is ready to go! Finally.  Free 1ml samples will be available with all online purchases through the month of August.  It will be on the website starting September 1st.

  I've been burning palo santo sticks since they were introduced to me a few years ago.  This is by far one of my most favorite wood smells.  I've talked about making this fragrance blend for quite some time.  I was originally going to do a more charred wood version but I decided on the subtle sweetness of the raw wood.  Palo santo oil is honestly pretty amazing on it's own so I didn't do much. 

  I have always used essential oils to help alter my mood.  I studied aromatherapy for many years before perfumery.  I still use that background, subconsciously most of the time.  My focus has always been based more on how my blends make me feel.  I've tried to take a more formulaic approach with OLO in the past but it didn't work for me.  Palo Santo is a bit of an homage to my super woo woo healing arts past.  I just went with what felt right!  It's basically just a combination of scents that make me feel relaxed, grounded and truly myself.

  This is a 98% all natural blend. Just a heads up, Palo Santo may not wear as long as some of my other fragrances.  At least it doesn't on me!  Some of my human guinea pigs have had it wear for a normal length of time so it varies.

  It's also limited edition.  The palo santo essential oil used is naturally harvested and in high demand.  I don't want to use up more than my fair share so I'm limiting my distribution. It will be available to my stockists for six months and then it will only be sold on this website.


  Main notes:  champa flower*wild harvest palo santo*organic Sri Lanka vetiver*organic Siam wood*sandalwood

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Wyeth candle & fragrance gift set

  Jason Linscott and I met last February at an event we were both working.  He is basically the man me and creator of 2550° Artisanal Candles.  We bicker like siblings but we share a common esthetic and need to do EVERYTHING by hand.  No matter how tedious and time consuming. The less profitable the better!  I've always wanted to have OLO candles but I really don't want to make them myself.  But, I insist on making all my products by hand.  What a dilemma!

  The problem was solved when Jason and I decided to join forces.  I love the smell of the ocean air and the forest combination I experience when hiking on the Oregon coast.  He loves to capture the essence and personality of people both real and imagined.  I've always thought it would be great to have a scented candle that compliments my perfume.  I don't want to smell like a candle but I want the two scents to work well in an environment with one another.  

 Our candle and fragrance collaboration is called Wyeth, named after a sailor that landed on the shores of Oregon many years ago.  The coast of the Pacific Northwest can sometimes appear untouched by man.  I've stood looking out at the endless tree covered cliffs and wondered what sailors must have thought when they experienced those sights and smells for the first time.  "Wyeth's ship was lured to shore by the rugged beauty and the promise of cliffs green with forests.  His first inhalation of the wet wood, moss and ocean fog of the Pacific Northwest assured him the long trip at sea had been well worth it"  The perfume captures the heavy mist blowing off the ocean combined with wet moss and wood from the trees ahead.  The candle carries you further into the forest.  The salty air is faint atop pine resin, damp undergrowth, endless trees and wild berry bushes.  



   Limited edition gift set includes 9ml PARFUM & 3oz SOY WAX CANDLE

   Retail $65

   Debuts this weekend at Portland Bazaar!


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OLO pops up

   One down, two events to go.  I will be sharing a booth with 2550° Artisanal Candles at Portland Bazaar next weekend.  Jason and I have been working on a candle & perfume gift set based on the scent of the Oregon coast.  That magical moment when you walk out of the forest onto a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean.  The first burst of salt air mixed with the trees is one of my favorite.  I never tire of it.  It's going to be GOOD!  More info on the gift set next week.

  DEUX room spray will also be back.  I'm only selling it for a short period of time so come buy it up.  TOJI made it's debut Black Friday weekend.  Do stop by my booth if you haven't had a chance to smell it.  The response has been great so far so I'm pretty sure TOJI will join the regular OLO line up.  And there will be sample gift boxes for all your gift giving needs!


  I will also be sending a selection of scents and sample kits down to San Francisco for Kindred.  I wish I could tag along to my favorite city but I must stay here and muscle through the holiday season.  Samples, samples, samples... Anyway, thanks to these lovely ladies for inviting OLO to the party!



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  I'm all about the winter solstice.  It's my favorite time of year.  December is my birth month so it all makes sense, it's my time to shine!  That being said, I don't like to be cold.  I like winter fashion. I like snow, fire places and comfort food. I'm just not into the shivering and runny noses that come with the season.

  TOJI is based on the yuzu baths popular in Japan during the winter solstice.  These baths are supposed to help strengthen the body to ward off colds.  The relaxation is really what I'm craving though.  I want to go to Japan in December just to take a yuzu bath.  That is not practical right now so I  made TOJI so I could pretend!  A citrus similar to grapefruit, yuzu is floated in steaming hot tubs of water.  The hiba wood from the bath mats brings forth the wet warmth of cedar to intertwine with the brightness of the yuzu.  I tend to visualize scent and TOJI looks like liquid gold and soft brown mist winding around one another, like an intimate dance.  Main notes are yuzu, hiba and hinoki.

  TOJI will be available this Friday thru Sunday at Open for Business.  Portland stores will have Toji the following week.  This is a limited edition fragrance for now so it won't be available on the website.  I will decide whether it will join the line up based upon it's reception.  A free bottle of TOJI will be given away this weekend.  Twitter will offer up the info so stay alert.  Sorry out of town folks, this will be a live action giveaway.

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